North Suburban Mennonite Church | Libertyville, Illinois
North Suburban Mennonite Church | Libertyville, Illinois
North Suburban Mennonite Church | Libertyville, Illinois

Being a Christian

What is life all about? Why is the world the way it is? How should I live?

If you think and reflect, then those kinds of questions eventually come to the fore. Christianity answers those questions and provides the essential information you need to have a full, abundant life. And to have that life right now and for forever.

Through the Bible, Christians learn the following key things that help explain our world and direct us to the source of all that is good and meaningful.

God created the world and us. You and the world itself are not accidents.

It was a good and perfect place where people, God, and nature lived in right relationship with each other. The goodness of the world God created can still be seen and experienced—in loving relationships, in the creative works of artists, in the beauty and complex relationships within nature. They are all tantalizing reminders of how profound and ineffable God's grace and power are.

But when people exercised their freedom with selfish ambition, things went wrong and the world has been off kilter since. We are reminded everyday of how wrong things have gone. We see it in our own lives and in societies.

God continued to seek relationship with people. In the Bible, we learn that God sought a special relationship with what became the Jewish people. Being a chosen people wasn't necessarily an easy thing as God had especially high expectations for them.

In the end, God loved the world—all of it, all of the cosmos—so much that God sent His Son, Jesus, here to put things right. In his words and deeds, Jesus, a Jew, taught us how to live in the Kingdom of God and what God desires of us. He shook up his world, defying all expectation, turning the world upside down, confusing even those closest to him.

Jesus was put to death in a brutal, horrific way as a result of collusion between the secular and religious authorities of the day.

And amazingly, Jesus rose again. In a mysterious way, the death of God's perfect Son atoned for the evil and ill we have done and the good and loving acts we have left undone. His resurrection testifies to the ultimate triumph of God over evil and destruction and over death itself. And to the hope that we and this world will be miraculously remade in a better way.

God who is the source of all wants us to live in His ways which are the best and most meaningful ways. To become whole, we must simply have faith in Jesus and devote our lives to following Jesus' words and deeds and being open to God's Spirit. That will change everything—how you relate to God, to your family and friends, how you relate to all that God has created.

Being a Christian is about becoming free through surrender. It is about loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is about being a member of a community of other believers – the Church – that works together to love each other and demonstrate what God's kingdom is all about. The Church also works to connect other people with God through Jesus and God's ways of living that Jesus revealed.

Explore Christianity for yourself. Don't write it off based on preconceptions of it. It's an exciting, adventurous, and even challenging journey. But it gives what Jesus promised—abundant life.

What encourages me to be more Christ-like?
  • Interacting with other Christians and learning more about how they approach life
  • Conversations about a Christ-like life
  • Seeing the living examples of others
  • Positive examples of others who are following Jesus
  • Seeing how others in our community are modeling Christ-like lives
  • The humility of learning to honor, respect, and listen to each other